Embodiment Matters

Few of us were raised with a practice of embodiment. In fact, we live in a world of systemic oppression that actively discourages noticing, inhabiting, and listening to our bodies (spoiler: it’s capitalism).

Yet learning to pay attention to and communicate with my body is a practice I’ve focused on developing for many years. It’s also one of the first practices I help clients develop in our sessions… because it helps.

Though we all know mindfulness is important, it's hard to know how to start creating our own practice.

Enter the Embodied Mindfulness Starter Course!

Receive tools and tips for connecting with your body's innate wisdom.

Included in this self-guided online course:

Tools & Tips

Receive practical tips for making meditation a part of your life.

Guided Recordings

Receive TWO downloadable recordings of guided meditations.

Practical Worksheets

Receive TWO downloadable worksheets for recording your reflections over time.

All based on my 10+ years of training and personal practice!

Just $25 USD!